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Scholarship Resources

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic criteria and/or any combination of academics, financial need, campus/community activities, leadership positions and work experience. Scholarships are designed to reward, encourage and assist students in pursuing academic excellence and leadership roles.


Abroad Planet Scholarship Resources

Online community of international students studying in the United States.

Searchable scholarship database with nearly 20,000 scholarships

College Board

Free online financial aid source for scholarships, grants, and loans for all college-bound students, including permanent residents and international students wishing to study in the United States.


Free online scholarship search service.


Thousands of searchable scholarships

International Education Financial Aid

Free online scholarship search service designed for international students.

International Scholarships

Free online scholarship database for international students wishing to study worldwide.

Mobility International USA

Free online scholarship resource for non-U.S. citizens with disabilities.

Online Master’s Programs

Online guide to funding your graduate education


Affordable Colleges Online

Resource Page for groups underrepresented on college campuses


Resource Page for single mothers and fathers


Resource Page for Hispanic and Latino Students


Cappex has over $11 billion in scholarships.

Chegg has over $1 billion in awards. Personalized matches available for all students

College Answer’s

College Answer’s Free Scholarship Search provides access to over 2.4 million awards worth over $14.6 billion. Every time you log on or update your profile, a new search runs matching you with the latest scholarship opportunities.

College Scholarships

A financial aid search service using a large database of private scholarships. Results in a scholarship package built just for you, including scholarships that match your criteria and a personalized letter with your information to each of the scholarship sponsors.

College Scholarships for Minority Students

Extensive list of scholarships and financial aid resources available specifically for minority students. The guide also includes tips for finding and securing scholarships and other financial aid.

College Whale

At students will find college financial aid video tutorials, student loan and FAFSA help guides,’s famous “Easiest Scholarship Search Ever” (a “no registration required” college scholarship search with hundreds of thousands of dollars in available scholarship awards), and answers to most college financial aid questions.

Dow Jones NewsPaper Fund, Inc.

You will find links to journalism-related scholarships, fellowships, internships and other career resources such as job fairs and job postings.


The FastWeb Scholarship Search Engine is updated daily, available free of charge, is completely private, and includes a database of over 1.3 million scholarships worth over $3 billion.


Thousands of searchable scholarships


Searchable scholarship database with nearly 20,000 scholarships

Latino College Dollars Scholarship

The Latino College Dollars Scholarship Directory is available to both High School and College students of Latino descent. This up-to-date directory requires no registration and is accessible to all.

Next Student Scholarship

The NextStudent Scholarship Search Engine, one of the nation’s oldest and largest scholarship search engines, is updated daily, available free of charge, is completely private, and includes a database of 2.4 million scholarships worth approximately $3.4 billion.

Psychology Scholarships

There many awards supporting students across psychology education


The scholarship database features nearly 10,000 scholarships for nursing students of varying education levels.

Provides a free search of an entire database of scholarships, with nearly three thousand sources, potentially worth up to three billion dollars, and sits atop the short list of reputable scholarship and financial aid information Web sites

Scholarship Experts

Scholarship Experts is a time-saving list of scholarships that match your hobbies, interests and academic background. Unlimited access to our scholarship database of 2.4 million awards worth over $14 billion.

Scholarship Guidance

The #1 High School and University Resource for Students

100 Military Education Grants and Scholarships

Looking for military education grants and scholarships for yourself, your spouse, or your children to go back to school? Here is a massive list (over 100) scholarships and grants for military personnel and their families to go to school.



Do not pay for scholarship searches– You have many options for free scholarship search engines as well as campus resources.

Avoid Scholarship Guarantees– Be wary of scholarship organizations that guarantee you will receive a scholarship based upon a small application fee. No one can guarantee you will receive a scholarship by paying an application fee.

Avoid Giving Personal Information– Do not provide personal information such as bank account numbers, and credit cards numbers.

Money Back Guarantee– Avoid scholarships that promise your money is guaranteed to be refunded if you do not receive a scholarship

Below is a link that will help to assist if you believe you have encountered a fraudulent scholarship Web site:


Suggestions for writing a thank you letter

Letters of appreciation from scholars encourage our donors to continue funding deserving students like you. We ask that you prepare a brief letter describing how their contribution will help you reach your educational and personal goals.

Here are some other suggestions on your thank you letter:

  • Make sure your letter is legible. If your handwriting is hard to read, you should type the letter instead.
  • Be sure to address the donor of the scholarship and not the scholarship committee.
  • Letters should be proofread and you should have someone else proofread it as well.
  • A store bought card can be nice but be sure to write your own thoughts.
  • You should let the donor(s) know something about yourself and the impact their generosity has had on your education and life. You should also indicate what your future goals may be.

Feel free to come in to the Office of Student Financial Assistance if you have trouble writing your thank you letter and a staff member will assist you. You can also visit the Writing Center for assistance.


Apply early— The peak time to apply for scholarships is January through May for the upcoming school year. Remember the early bird gets the worm!
Check for scholarships frequently—Check your department, college, and the UCF Scholarship Listing Page for updates to scholarships.

Get Involved— While some scholarships do not require involvement, it does help showcase who you are as a person. Also, being involved helps identify your involvement within your community i.e. campus, local, church, sports.

Complete Your FAFSA— Some scholarships do not require the FAFSA, however, it is recommended for consideration of scholarships that do require completing the FAFSA.


Students many times do not apply for scholarships that involve writing essays. However, scholarships that require essays do not usually have many applicants which may increase your chances of earning the scholarship.

Here are a few tips to write your award winning essay:

  • Tailor your essay for your intended audience–While writing your essay, it is important to stay focused on the topic and specifically address the essay question.
  • Target your audience by using key words— identify the goals of the donor as well as identifying why you should be selected for the scholarship.
  • Stand Out— Make the committee interested in who you are by grabbing their attention. Give the committee something different, so brainstorming will be very important before you begin writing your essay. Grab the reader’s attention with your essay and make the reader want to learn more about you.
  • Identifying You— Who are you, what are your goals, how will receiving the scholarship help you to accomplish your educational objectives? Scholarship Committees often make the decisions on awarding scholarships, and want to know about you, so using the essay is a good way to introduce yourself to the committee. Examples of identifying you also include: campus and community involvement, and hobbies.
  • Avoid Negative Messages—When writing your essay, avoid negative messages such as the tear jerker. Many use this method in hopes of being selected for a scholarship; it may have the opposite impact and not accomplish the intended message.
  • Positive Messages— In keeping with the theme of tailoring and targeting your audience, it is important to do so with positive messages. Positive Messages are important when discussing negative situations. It gives great insight to you as a person, i.e., how you have overcome difficult situations.
  • Proof Read— Essays should be proof read several times over to ensure that there are not typing, or grammatical errors. Utilize your resources such as the UCF Writing Center or having a financial aid advisor review your essay.


Most students entering college encounter their first real world situation with large amounts of money. Here is a link that will give tips on budgeting your money, as well as other financial literacy tips. For more information, please visit: