FWS – Employer Login

Dear FWS Employers,

The Summer 2017 work period begins on Friday, May 5, 2017 and will end on Thursday, August 10, 2017.

You will be able to verify Summer eligibility via the Employer Login as of today, Monday April 24th. Please note: If you have any pending Spring eligibility questions, you will need to email me directly as the Employer Login no longer reflects Spring awards.

As of today, the majority of Summer Federal Work Study awards are posted.

  • *Employers will need to check each FWS students’ eligibility status both on the first day of summer employment and after all of the final drop periods to review the student’s eligibility.*

o   If a student works before they are cleared, your office may be charged the earnings the student had incurred while being ineligible.

  • If a student you want to hire is not awarded FWS for the Summer please, reach out to me so that I can review their eligibility.

If you have a FWS student that will not work for the summer, please complete a Student Evaluation form.

  • The Student Evaluation form can be found: Employer Login à Employer Forms à Student Evaluation Form.
  • Please keep a copy in the student’s file and send a copy via fax (407-823-5241) or online submission via email to the SFA office.

The percentages that will be listed on the employer login at this time will still reflect the Spring 2017 term since we are currently in the last pay period for this term.

  • The percentage will not update to reflect the Summer term until after the first paycheck for the Summer 2017 period.

*Here are some friendly reminders about Summer eligibility.*

To be eligible to work during the Summer term students must have at least half-time enrollment at UCF.

o   Half-time enrollment for Summer =

  • 6 credit hours for undergraduate students
  • 3 credit hours for graduate students.
  • Credit hours from all summer terms (A, B, C, D) will be considered to determine a student’s enrollment status for FWS purposes.

*Please remember that if your work study student drops courses putting them below half-time enrollment, they must stop working immediately.*

  • This is especially important during the summer since the B session starts later than the other terms.
  •  If a student plans to drop or withdraw from any courses, they should contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance to see how this may affect their FWS award and any other financial aid they are receiving.

* Again, if a student is listed as eligible the week before courses begin and then fall below a ½ time enrollment status and continues working, your department will be responsible for the funds these students occur after they drop below ½ time enrollment.*

As a friendly reminder, job seekers is a student initiated process. New job seekers will only be posted if students submit a form to our office.

To help you find the right students for your open positions, we have created a way to pull a list of FWS students by major.

  • Please contact me via email and include which major(s) you would like included in the listing.
  • The listing will contain FWS students who have not received a paycheck yet and provide an email address for you to contact.

If you have a student you have corresponded with and they were not initially awarded FWS, please contact me, so that I can review their eligibility again.

  • I can review the student’s eligibility and based off of the student’s information, your department’s demands and eligibility criteria I may be able to award them FWS.

Remember: before your work study student continues working on May 5th, they must provide you with a copy of their Award Summary and Class Schedule for the Summer term.  These items can be printed from their myUCF account.


Never hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions!


Thank you,


Amethyst Castro
Coordinator – Federal Work Study, TEACH Grant, Special Programs
University of Central Florida
Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services
Office of Student Financial Assistance