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FWS – Employer Login

Dear FWS Employers,

Happy Holidays! I wanted to send the Spring 2018 letter out earlier to assist the departments preparing for the upcoming term.  Below are important reminders about the Spring 2018 term.

The Spring 2018 work period begins on 12/29/17 and ends on 05/03/18

The Spring eligibility for students is currently posted on the Employer Login and will be updated every day. If a student is not listed on the eligibility table, please make sure to ask them if they have:

·         completed their financial aid ‘To Do’ list and/or

·          are enrolled in at least half time.

Please note that this means Fall 2017 eligibility is no longer displayed on the Employer Login.

 *If you believe that your student meets all of the Federal Work Study requirements but are not listed as eligible on the Employer Login, please feel free to contact me so that I may review the student’s eligibility.

*Please be advised that you must check your students’ eligibility status both before and after the add/swap/drop period. Students must not begin work until after they have been listed as eligible via the Employer Login or by me.* 

  • If a student works before they are cleared, your office may be charged the earnings the student had incurred while being ineligible.

To help ensure the FWS student is a great fit for your office, please review the Employer Login often:

  • Make sure to review your student’s awards under Payroll Data to keep updated on the amount of the work study allotment that the student has available for the Spring semester. This payment info will update on the first pay day in Spring, January 19, 2018. Until the first pay day in Spring, the Fall data will continue to display.
    • This amount is updated each pay day.
    • You may use the balance sheet located on our website at then
      Types of Aid -> Student Employment -> Community Service -> and Spring Work Study Balance Sheet to track student earnings.  The balance sheet is another great tool to keep track of your student’s awards, but is not required for students.
  • Collect your student’s award summary and class schedule once the student is hired and before and after the add/drop/swap period.
  • Remember that a student must stop working immediately once they have reached their work study amount or you must transfer them to a different account once they are close to their award amounts.
    •  I will send one warning per student once they have reached 60% or more and then will not contact your office again about the student unless they go over their award.
    • Always feel free to contact me regarding a possible award increase but keep in mind that the funding for 17-18 is limited at this time..

Just a friendly reminder that the FWS Important Dates are located on our website at

Please, review the dates and feel free to contact me if there are any mistakes or changes that should be made to the dates listed.  I do enter this information manually so there is a chance that I may miss something and I appreciate being notified of this so that the correct information is made available to you and the Federal Work Study students.

Finally, I would like to remind you all that FWS students are only permitted to work up to 20 hours per week while in classes, but can work up to 29 hours per week during school breaks.  If students have another position on campus, they cannot work more than 29 hours combined between the student’s FWS position and their OPS position. Any charges incurred due to working over 29 hours per week will be charged to your department’s OPS account on file. Once the charge has been applied to your department’s OPS account on file, your department can do an inner office journal to have the charges applied to another account within your department. 

Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for all that you do as employers for the Federal Work Study Program!

Thank you,


Amethyst Castro
Coordinator – Federal Work Study, TEACH Grant, Special Programs
University of Central Florida
Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services
Office of Student Financial Assistance
Millican  Hall –  Room 107