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Federal Work Study Community Service Program

Students who have been awarded Federal Work Study (FWS) may apply for eligible positions that are aimed at improving the quality of life for community residents. The FWS program is not only an opportunity to improve the surrounding community, but also a great way to build professional experience, network outside UCF and blend academic and personal interests to develop a holistic view point. The University of Central Florida has both on and off campus FWS Community Service opportunities available.

The on-campus Federal Work Study Community Service Program opportunities are located in the following offices:

      • Center for Autism & Related Disabilities
      • Communication and Disorders Clinic
      • Creative School for Children
      • Libraries
      • Student Disability Services

The current off-campus FWS Community Service Program opportunities include:

• Sunrise Elementary
• Little River Elementary
• Audubon Center for Birds of Prey
• Mental Health Association of Central Florida
• Outlook Clinic
• Tech Sassy Girlz
• JMJ Life Center

If a student who has been awarded FWS is interested in participating in one of the off-campus locations, they will need to attend a Federal Work Study Community Service workshop. The Federal Work Study Community Service workshop is typically held during the first two weeks of classes. After the first two weeks of class have passed, students may schedule a one on one workshop with the Federal Work Study Coordinator.

To register for a Workshop, please email the FWS Coordinator at .

Timesheet Sheet

The TSHelper(Excel) timesheet is required for Off Campus Employment ONLY, if you have further questions please contact Amethyst Castro.

The timesheet can be found at the link below:

A direct link to the file is below:

Student Employment Evaluation Form