Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling

First-time borrowers for the Federal Direct Stafford Loan and Federal Direct Grad PLUS loan must complete an Entrance Counseling before their loan can be processed. The purpose of this session is to help students understand their rights and obligations as a student borrower. For your convenience we have provided the Entrance Counseling for Direct Stafford and Grad PLUS loans on line from the U.S. Department of Education’s Web site:

Entrance Counseling for the Federal Direct Stafford and Grad PLUS loans

You will need your FSA ID to log in to the website. An FSA ID is comprised of a username and password and can be used to login to certain Federal Student Aid websites, such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®). If you lost your FSA ID, please visit this www.fsaid.ed.gov/npas/pub/faq.htm#collapseOne.

The screenshots below shows the correct link for the Entrance Counseling (Steps 1 – 2)

1) Once you have logged on, select “Complete Counseling”.

2) Choose to “Start” the Entrance Counseling.

Transfer Students

If you have previously completed the Direct Loan Entrance Counseling at another institution, you must complete a new one if this is your first time borrowing a Federal Direct Stafford Loan at UCF.