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Brain Bowl Scholarship Program

Are you a Brain Bowl recipient? If so, please provide your award letter from the Florida Education Fund to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

The address and fax number is listed below:

Office of Student Financial Assistance
ATTN: Scholarship Department
P.O. Box 160113
Orlando, FL 32816-0113
Fax: (407) 823-5241

Brain Bowl Scholarship Program Requirements:

As a recipient of the Brain Bowl Scholarship, your award amount will be based on the tuition and fee component of the Estimated Cost of Attendance each year. To view the tuition and fees, please click here.

In order to receive the full amount as indicated for the tuition and fees, students must enroll in a minimum of 12 hours (full-time) each fall and spring term. However, students that are less than full-time will have their awards prorated based upon enrollment.

Scholarship Deferment:

Students receiving the Brain Bowl Scholarship may request a deferment for the purpose of taking part in activities that would interrupt their required continuous enrollment at the University of Central Florida.

A scholarship deferment request can hold the Brain Bowl Scholarship for a maximum of two semesters. Acceptable reasons to defer a scholarship include, but are not limited to: military service, documented medical conditions, internships/Co-Ops, religious missions, etc. At the time of deferment, student must be meeting the renewal criteria for the scholarship. A deferment will not be granted for attendance at any other higher education institution.

Students seeking a deferment must complete a Scholarship Appeal Form and submit a letter indicating the reason for the request, along with supporting documentation. The appeal must be submitted no later than two months prior to the start of the semester in which the deferment is being requested.