Repeat Coursework Policy

The US Department of Education has passed a regulation which impacts repeated courses. The regulation states that students may only receive federal financial aid for ONE repetition of a previously passed course. These regulations prohibit the University from paying for a course that has been passed more than one time.

The following chart demonstrates the different enrollment scenarios and their effects on financial aid (FA) eligibility:

Term Course Result FA-Eligibility
Fall 2015 ACG 2071 Pass Eligible
Spring 2016 ACG 2071 Fail Eligible
Fall 2016 ACG 2071 N/A Not Eligible

The student passed the course during fall 2013. Attempted the course one time and failed. The student loses financial aid eligibility for the third attempt.

Term Course Result FA-Eligibility
Fall 2015 MAP 2302 Fail Eligible
Spring 2016 MAP 2302 Pass Eligible
Summer 2016 MAP 2302 Pass Eligible
Fall 2016 MAP 2302 N/A Not Eligible

The student repeated previously passed course in summer 2014. Student can only repeat a previously passed course one time with it counting toward financial aid eligibility.

Term Course Result FA-Eligibility
Fall 2015 MAS 3106 Fail Eligible
Spring 2016 MAS 3106 Fail Eligible
Summer 2016 MAS 3106 Fail Eligible
Fall 2016 MAS 3106 N/A Eligible

There is no limit on the number of attempts allowable for the student to repeat a course, as long as he/she does not receive a passing grade in any of the previously repeated courses.

If you are enrolled in a course that was previously repeated (at least twice) and received a passing grade, you will be ineligible for Title IV aid to cover the repeated class taken for the third time. For example, if you are enrolled in a total of 12 credit hours and 3 credits you have repeated and passed previously, you will only be considered enrolled in 9 hours for financial aid purposes.

Repeated courses can impact a student’s renewal eligibility for programs with specific grade and hour requirements such as institutional and state grants and scholarships.

To review the minimum hours required for each financial aid program, please refer to the Program Eligibility Chart.

Repeated Courses and Satisfactory Academic Progress

The repeated course(s), including the original attempt, must be counted towards maximum time frame and hours completion ratio requirements, which can impact your financial aid eligibility. For detailed information, regarding the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, please refer to our website.