Planning Tools

Following is a list of tools designed to help you monitor your financial aid application process and to put you in control of your finances while attending UCF.

Financial Aid Timeline

The Financial Aid Timeline serves as a chronological guide for the important dates within the financial aid process at University of Central Florida. Use this Timeline as a guide for the important dates that student and parents should be aware of during the financial aid process.

Tracking Your Financial Aid Status on myUCF

This diagram provides answers (in a Q&A format) to typical questions about where to find information on myUCF, Student Center. In additions, screen shots of the To Do List and Award Summary pages are included.

Student Budget Calculator

This worksheet will help you manage your funds to cover school related expenses. In addition to tuition, room & board, you will need to cover fees, books, transportation, and personal expenses. Some costs you cannot control, but controlling those you can, such as personal expenses, can make a huge difference.