Deferments of Tuition and Fees

Deferments allow you to extend the payment beyond the published due date for tuition & fees and on campus housing. The amount of estimated financial aid available for deferment can be found on the fee invoice as “Estimated Financial Aid Deferment” or on your student account as “Anticipated Aid”. The estimate does not include the Bright Futures Award, which is listed separately on the Fee Invoice and has already been subtracted from the “Amount Due prior to Estimated Aid”.

The fee invoice reflects the dollar amount of the student’s deferment. If the total amount of tuition and fees exceeds the amount of the deferment, the difference must be paid by the due date noted on the student’s fee invoice, which is the deferment date. Different programs require varying hours of enrollment for eligibility. Students must be sure they are registered for the required number of hours. Deferments are available to students who have completed the application process prior to the payment deadline. The following programs are not included in the automatic deferral program: Work Study programs, third party deferrals and other waivers, and direct-pay scholarships.

Please note that the “Estimated Financial Aid Deferment” is calculated based on a projected full-time budget prior to the Drop/Swap and Add period. After the Drop/Swap and Add period, all financial aid awards, including accepted Federal Direct Stafford Loans are subject to change based on your actual enrollment. To ensure that you meet sufficient hours for the various financial aid programs, please refer to the Program Eligibility Charts.

After tuition & fees are covered, any remaining amount can be utilized to defer on campus housing. Housing payments are due prior to the beginning of the semester, and must be paid by that date if not deferred. Please contact Housing if you have questions about your housing deferment.

In order for Federal Direct Stafford loans to be processed as a deferment for tuition and fees, you must accept the offered loans on myUCF. However, if you have incomplete required documents on your To Do List, you will not have access to accept your loans until all required documentation has been submitted.

If for any reason you are not eligible to receive the awards due to insufficient hours or other eligibility reasons, then your tuition and fees will become your responsibility to pay. In addition, all fees not covered are due by the Tuition & Fee payment deadline.

If you have already registered for classes and decide not to attend UCF, then you must officially drop those classes by the end of the Drop/Swap and Add period; otherwise, you will be obligated to pay the debts and charges owed to the University. Dual-enrolled hours (transient hours) taken at another institution are not considered for automatic deferral purposes.

Students who had a financial aid deferment but lost it through verification, cancellation or other reasons are still responsible for paying their fees. The balance may be subject to a late fee if not paid on time.