myAid – Projected Financial Aid Request

There are times when students may need to provide information about the amount of anticipated financial aid they will receive in a given semester. As a service to our students, students may submit a request to receive documentation of their projected aid online. Once the request has been submitted, eligible students will be able to pick up the projected aid summary in the Office of Student Financial Assistance. The projected aid summary will be available for pick up on the business day following the submission of the request, after 1:00 p.m. 

Only the student whose information is listed on the Projected Aid Form will be able to pick up printed Projected Aid Form. Once printed, Projected Aid Forms will be available for pick up for five business days.

               Project Aid Request Availability
Fall Second Week of August
 Spring First Week of January (2nd Day After Winter Break)
 Summer First Week of May

NOTE: The Office of Student Financial Assistance no longer accepts pre-printed projected aid summaries. Students must submit the request for documentation of projected aid via this online process.