2019-2020 Forms

Be sure to select the correct year, as our forms are date sensitive.
The forms on this page are for the Fall 2019, Spring 2020 & Summer 2020 terms only.

General Forms


Short Term Advance – Spring 2020
Report Private Scholarships Form
Housing Status Form
Transient Enrollment Forms
Academic Plan for Financial Aid
Second Degree Academic Plan for Financial Aid
Graduation Assessment Plan
Draft Selective Service Registration
Scholarship Late Grade Change Review
Bright Futures Renewal Re-Evaluation
Confirmation of Career Form
Loan Adjustment Request Form

Appeal Forms


Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
Scholarship Appeal Form
Charge On 15 – Appeal Form
FSAG Renewal Appeal Form (2019-2020)


Verification Forms

Identity & Statement of Educational Purpose

Student Employment

Federal Work Study Contract
The Federal Work Study Contract (above) is NOT an application for the Federal Work Study Program and should be completed by students who currently have a Federal Work Study award on their myUCF account.
Federal Work Study Presentation Video