Dynamic Forms for Financial Aid

Some financial aid forms are available for students to complete and sign electronically. The following information will help in the use of the Dynamic Forms service to securely complete and electronically sign financial aid forms.

UCF students will access Dynamic Forms through their To Do List on myUCF. After using the link within the To Do List students will be presented with the UCF Federated Login for Dynamic Form (nextgensso.com), using the UCF NID and NID password students will login to the specific Dynamic Form. Any documents (tax transcripts, W2s, etc.) uploaded to Dynamic Forms must be in .PDF format.

DynamicForms: myUCF Login

Dynamic Forms: myUCF login page


Students should NOT use the general Dynamic Forms login page [https://dynamicforms.ngwebsolutions.com…], as this will result in an Invalid ID or password message:


Dynamic Forms: Login error page

Students Employed On-Campus, including FWS and OPS Employment

Students employed by UCF may have a UCF business email account (@ucf.edu). If so, that will be the email address associated with Dynamic Forms. The email address associated with Dynamic Forms will be listed at the beginning of the form along with the first name, last name and UCFID. All communications from the Dynamic Forms system will be sent to the account pre-filled in the form. Students can confirm their business email address on the personal information section of your myUCF account.

To access your business account visit webmail.ucf.edu. Sign in with your NID and Password.

Submitting Dynamic Forms

Financial aid forms will automatically be submitted to UCF Office of Student Financial Assistance once completed and all electronic signatures have been successfully provided. If a student chooses to not electronically sign the form, the form must printed and sent along with any other documentation to the financial aid office for processing. Once a form has been submitted, please allow 5 – 7 business days for the document to be removed from a student’s To Do List.

Submitted Dynamic Forms cannot be accessed again for the purpose of making corrections and/or adjustments. If an error has been made to a submitted dynamic form, it will be rejected by the Office of Student Financial Assistance and a form reject email will be sent. The student or parent must take action on rejected form, based on the information within the rejected form email. The form will need to be electronically signed again by the user.    Forms and/or support documents should not be submitted as email attachments. Email attachments are not accepted or opened.


Dynamic Forms Dashboard

To view forms that have been completed or are pending completion use the Dynamic Forms Dashboard. Students will use their NID and NID password to access the Dynamic Forms Dashboard.

Pending /Draft Forms– After logging into the Dynamic Forms Dashboard, click on “Pending / Draft Forms” button.  The first box listed represents forms the student has outstanding in an incomplete or draft status. The second box represents incomplete or draft documents for a parent or co-signer to complete.

Forms History– After logging into the Dynamic Forms Dashboard, click on the “Forms History” link.  A new page will appear listing all completed documents for that account, sorted by date with the most recently completed at the top.  Students will be able to also view the completed form by clicking on the link provided.


Dynamic Forms: myUCF login page



To help protect user information, the Dynamic Forms system will time out after a period of inactivity. Users will notice a timer count in the upper right hand corner of most Dynamic Forms. It shows the remaining time to complete a form. Users should save their progress if remaining time is about to expire. Any unsaved information entered at timer’s expiration will be lost.

If your login to dynamic forms has timed out you will end up on the general Dynamic Forms login page, NOT the UCF Dynamic Forms login page, and your UCF log-in credentials will not work. If you attempt to login to this general website it will give you the Invalid ID or Password message below.

Uploading Required Documentation

Students, required to submit other documentation (i.e. tax return transcripts, W-2’s, support documentation) along with the form, will be able to upload these documents (.PDF format only) directly in to the online form. Students should include their UCF ID number on each page of any documentation submitted to our office. The maximum file size accepted is 3MB (3000KB)

To convert documents to .PDF format students may use third party products such as: www.pdf2go.com/convert-to-pdf is a free desktop tool for converting files to PDF format.
www.iscannerapp.net is a free mobile tool for converting files to PDF format.

Parent information and signatures

If a form requires parental information and/or signatures, the student will be asked to supply a parent email address. The parent will be sent a link to complete the parent section of the form and to sign the form electronically. The first time Dynamic Forms is accessed, the parent will need to create an account. The same email address cannot be used for both the student and the parent. Dynamic Forms requires unique email accounts for each participant of a form. After the parent electronically signs the form it will be sent automatically to our office for processing.


Parent & Participant Accounts

Parents and UCF non-student users, will need to “Create New Account” the first time Dynamic Forms is accessed. Parents should keep log-in and password available for later use as this account will be used to access other forms located in this secure Dynamic Forms environment.

Steps to Create an Account:
(for non-students only)

1. Click on the “Create New Account” link
2. Enter all of information requested on the “Create Account” page.

Username – the user must select a username:

– At least eight characters in length
– Must begin with a letter
– Must contain at least one digit

Password – the user must select a new password:

– Must be at least eight characters in length
– Cannot contain the username
– Must contain characters from three of the four following groups:
– Lower case letters
– Upper case letters
– Numbers
– Alphanumeric characters or symbols

Security question & answer – the user must choose a security question and provide an answer to that question.

3. An email will be sent to the email account you specified.
4. Click on the “Activate Your Account” link in the email. Be sure to check spam folders for email.
5. You can now click on the link to the form in the original email to complete and e-sign your forms.


Opting out of electronic signature

Dynamic forms users have the option to opt out of electronic signature. Students and parents can complete a form, print, sign, and submit it along with any required documentation to the Office of Student Financial Assistance. To request a paper version of the form use the Forms Help Request, and select “I need a .PDF version of a form”

There are several ways documents can be submitted: online Dynamic Forms, SFA file uploader, mail, fax or in person. For more information on Financial Aid forms view the Guidelines for Submitting Documents.


More questions about Dynamic Forms?

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