Second Degree-Seeking Undergraduate Student Helpful Hints

  • Second degree-seeking undergraduate students should apply for financial aid by following the same procedures as other undergraduate students.
  • Second degree-seeking undergraduate students must have declared majors different from the major in which they have already earned a degree.
  • Second degree-seeking undecided majors are considered undeclared for financial aid purposes, and are not eligible for aid.
  • Second degree seeking students may be eligible for federally funded student loans and, possibly work-study.
  • Second degree-seeking undergraduate students are NOT eligible to receive grants, such as Pell, FSEOG, FSAG and the UCF Grant.
  • Second undergraduate degree seeking students are also reviewed as undergraduate students for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) purposes. Effective fall 2015, second degree seeking students no longer need to submit the Second Degree Academic Plan for Financial Aid. Second degree students are allowed up to 70 attempted hours. Once second degree seeking students have exceeded 70 attempted hours, they will be placed on cancellation status. Credit hour accumulation will be monitored by the Office of Student Financial Assistance each term.

Second degree seeking students, who previously submitted an academic plan outlining the courses needed for degree completion, must continue to follow the plan to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Second master’s degree seeking students will be reviewed as graduate students for Satisfactory Academic Progress purposes. They will be allowed a total of 70 graduate hours, including all accepted graduate hours.

All second degree-seeking students must meet all components of SAP to receive financial aid.

All undergraduate coursework is considered when calculating completion ratio and GPA for second degree seeking students.

Three or More Degrees

Students seeking a third bachelor’s degree are not eligible for federal financial aid