Award Notification

Award notifications are emailed to first time UCF students after March 15th. E-mail award notifications are sent to continuing students. Initial awards may be amended due to factors such as contingent admission status, less than minimum hours enrolled, lack of academic progress, changes needed due to verification, incomplete files, additional resources, etc. Student awards will be based upon the student’s financial need, the amount of available funds, the number of UCF students who qualify for aid, and the date the student completes the application process. The amounts listed on the award notifications are estimates based on full-time enrollment.

Estimated Bright Future (BF) awards for incoming freshmen are projected based on high school information. The award will become official after we receive confirmation from the State. You will also be notified by the State regarding your eligibility. The BF award amounts are based on an average enrollment of 14 hours per term and will be calculated after confirmation from the State and enrollment.

Admission to UCF must be finalized with no contingencies. Students must be classified as degree seeking. Verification must be completed. Students must meet the Standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress. If all eligibility is met, financial aid funds may be disbursed. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of minimal hourly requirements for each program, which can be found on the Program Eligibility Charts on the Web site. When requirements are no longer met, awards will be adjusted as necessary; updated awards will appear on myUCF. All awards are subject to change.

You are required to inform financial aid of any additional aid you expect to receive not yet listed on the award notification or found under View my Financial Aid on myUCF. Any subsequent awards may necessitate a revision of your financial aid award package. This includes, but is not limited to, any private scholarships or third party tuition payment/waivers, such as non-resident or other waivers, departmental payments, etc.