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Types of Aid


Pell Grant
Florida Student Assistance Grant
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant 
UCF Scholars Award 
UCF Grant
First Generation Matching Grant Program 
TEACH Grant Program


Scholarship F.A.Q.
Scholarship Resources
Scholarship Listing 
Brain Bowl Scholarship
Florida Bright Futures
Benacquisto Scholarship Program
Graduate Fellowships
Knights Achievement / Pegasus Scholarship Waiver Programs
National Achievement Scholarship
National Hispanic Scholarship
National Merit Scholarship
Pegasus Scholarship Programs
Provost Scholarship
Transfer Scholarship
Scholarship Appeal Information
Private Scholarship Donor Information

Student Employment

Important Dates
Eligibility Requirements
Student Procedures
Rights and Responsibilities
Job Connection 
Community Service
Employer Procedures  
Employer Login

Federal Work Study Presentation
Federal Work Study Wait List


Loan Programs 
Federal Direct Loans - FAQ
Federal Direct Stafford Loan 
Federal Direct PLUS Loan 
Federal Perkins Loan 
Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan 
Optional / Private Loans
Federal Direct Entrance Counseling 
Federal Direct Exit Counseling 
Federal Direct Master Promissory Note 
Borrowing Limits
Total Aggregate Limits
Student Loan Code of Conduct

Non-Resident Waiver

Need Based Non-Resident Waiver



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