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Provost Scholarship Renewal Eligibility

Academic progress is evaluated once per year, after spring grades have been posted.In order to meet renewal requirements for the Provost Scholarship Program, students must meet the following each year:

• Initially enroll full-time (a minimum of 12 UCF credit hours) each fall and spring term.

• Successfully complete an average 24 UCF hours for the previous fall and spring period.

For Example: If a student was enrolled in 12 hours for the fall semester and earned 9 hours, the student would need to enroll in and successfully complete 15 hours in the spring semester to have earned an average of 24 hours by the end of the evaluation period.

• Earned a UCF cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0 by the end of each spring term. Summer grades and hours earned after spring evaluation may not be used to meet the scholarship renewal requirements.

For additional renewal information, please see chart below:

PROGRAM NAME Minimum Hours Required Per Term Minimum GPA required at the end of each Spring Dual/Transient Hours Acceptable? Remedial Hours Acceptable? Satisfactory Academic Progress Required? Other Renewal Requirements? FAFSA Required? Maximum Time Limit
Provost Scholarship 12 3.0 UCF GPA No No No Yes Yes† 8 Semesters

Grade Forgiveness: Only the repeated course grade and hours will be calculated into the period under review.

REPEAT CHECKING: Repeat Checking refers to how the University treats classes that you have taken more than once. If you repeat a class, there are implications for your GPA and academic level (freshman, sophomore, etc). However, and normally, repeated classes do not result in additional credit counting towards the degree. For more information, please see

= the processed results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be received at UCF by June 1st each and every year

Provost Scholarship Appeal Process

Students who do not meet the hours and/or GPA requirements, will be permanently cancelled for the scholarship program. If extenuating circumstances exist, students may submit a Scholarship Appeal Form along with a letter of explanation and supporting documentation. Appeals must be received in our office no later than June 30th each year.

Late FAFSA Appeals:

When appealing the loss of the scholarship due to the late submission of the FAFSA, students should submit the appeal only after they have confirmed that the university has successfully received the processed results of the FAFSA from the federal processor for the correct aid year. Students submitting the FAFSA late for the first time will be given a one-time courtesy reinstatement provided that the scholarship appeal has been submitted prior to November 1st. Students submitting an appeal after November 1st will lose one term of eligibility for the Provost Scholarship.

Students submitting the FAFSA late a second time will be permanently cancelled, and will need to submit a Scholarship Appeal. The appeal will be submitted before the UCF Scholarship Committee for review, and a decision will be rendered. Students will be notified via email of the decision or if additional information is needed. Since the FAFSA is available on October 1st each year, and reminders are sent during the six month period, only documented extenuating circumstances that extend beyond the six month period will be considered.

The Scholarship Appeal Form can be downloaded from our website.
Additional instructions may be found on the Scholarship Appeal Form.