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Knights Achievement/Pegasus Scholarship Waiver F.A.Q.

How are the Knights Achievement/Pegasus Scholarships Waivers awarded?

These scholarship are awarded to entering out of state high school graduates by Undergraduate Admissions to recognize outstanding academic performance. There is no separate application for this scholarship program. Students are automatically considered when they apply for admission.

How long will I receive the Knights Achievement/Pegasus Scholarship?

A maximum of 8 terms or until graduation whichever is less.

Students whose major requires 124 or more hours may receive a one term extension (double majors and minors are not considered). A letter (on letterhead) from the department verifying the number of hours required for the degree must be submitted to the Office of Student Financial Assistance prior to the 9th term.

Can I use my Knights Achievement/Pegasus Scholarship in the summer?

No, the scholarship is not available for use during the summer semester. It is to be used during the fall and spring semesters only.

If I need to take time off from my studies at UCF, will I retain the Knights Achievement/Pegasus Scholarship?

Possibly. You must submit a Scholarship Appeal Form and letter stating the reason(s) that you need the time away from UCF. The appeal must be submitted prior to the term(s) that you plan to be away. The UCF Scholarship Committee will review your request and render a decision. If you leave UCF without asking for the time off, you will not be reinstated to the scholarship program upon your return. Extenuating circumstances are the exception.

Can I Co-Op or Intern and remain on this scholarship?

Yes. If you want to co-op or intern, you must let us know in writing which term you plan to co-op or intern prior to that term. We will defer your scholarship until you return as a full-time student the following term.

My scholarship was in the form of a Waiver of Non-Resident Fees, but I am now a Florida resident for tuition purposes. What happens to my award?

The waiver award will be cancelled, and will not be replaced.

What happens if I have several University sponsored sources providing funds to cover the cost of the out of state portion of my tuition?

Any combination of UCF-sponsored non-resident waiver awards will cover up to the waiver award amount or the non-resident fee amount, whichever is less.