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Florida Academic Scholars (FLAS) new legislation – FAQ

New Legislation F.A.Q. (Effective fall 2017)


  1. What is the new award amount for Florida Academic Scholars (FLAS)?

Academic Scholars will receive an award equal to 100% of tuition and applicable fees. The 2017-2018 tuition and applicable fees for 1 credit hour is $212.28


  1. What fees are covered by the FLAS award?

Applicable fees include: activity and service fee, health fee, athletic fee, financial aid fee, capital improvement fee, transportation fee (SUS only), technology fee and tuition differential fee.

  1. How many hours does a student needs to be enrolled in order to receive the additional $300 book and college-related expenses amount?

A student must be enroll in at least 6 credit hours in order to receive it. The $300 is only available to FLAS recipients for fall and spring terms.


  1. How should the award amount be calculated?

#___ of credit hours enrolled X $212.28 = $ ___+ $300.00 Book and
College related expenses = $ ___ FLAS award amount


  1. Is the student required to return the $300 if courses are dropped or withdrawn?

A student who drop or withdraw from courses is not required to repay the $300, unless the student withdraws from all classes during the term.


  1. Will the Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars be funded during summer?

Yes. Students will be disbursed an award if enrolled summer 2018. However, the amount of $300 book and college-related expenses will not available.


  1. Will the Bright Futures Medallion Scholars be funded during summer?

No. Only Academic Scholars will be disbursed an award if enrolled summer 2018.


  1. May FAS eligible graduate students be funded during the summer?

Yes. An FAS scholarship recipient who qualifies for one semester of graduate study funding, may have the one semester be the summer term.

    • The award amount will be calculated based on the undergraduate tuition rate of $212.28.
    • The amount of $300 for book and college-related expenses will only be available during fall or spring term, not 2018 summer term.


Summer Funding F.A.Q for Bright Futures


1. Who is eligible to receive 2018 summer funding?

Only Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) eligible for the 2017-18 academic year may receive summer 2018 funding.

2. Can students who graduated from high school in 2017-18 receive 2018 summer funding?

Yes, 2017-2018 high school graduates eligible as Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) may receive funding if enrolled in classes as a degree-seeking student during the summer.

3. May transient students receive 2018 summer funding?

Yes. Degree-seeking students enrolled at another institution during 2018 summer may receive funding if the coursework is approved by the home institution. Florida Academic Scholars enrolled in a public postsecondary institution must submit a Transient Student Admission Application located online at FloridaShines.

4. What sessions are included in the summer term?

Sessions A,B,C and D offered during the summer 2018 term.

5. May graduate students who are Florida Academic Scholars receive summer funding?

Yes. Florida Academic Scholars who meet graduate funding requirements, may use the summer as their one semester of graduate study funding. If the student does not wish to be funded for the summer term, please send an email to our office to request it in writing.

6. May Florida Academic Scholars enrolled less than half time (6 credits) be funded?

Florida Academic Scholars enrolled less than half time may only be funded if they are enrolled in the remaining courses to finish their degree or if they are being disbursed the last remaining hours of FAS eligibility.

7. May 2017-18 Florida Academic Scholars who do not renew for 2018-19 still receive summer funding?

Yes. The 2017-18 academic year includes the summer 2018 term. Any FAS student eligible for 2017-18 may receive summer funding, provided the student meets all enrollment criteria.

8. Will a Florida Academic Scholar receive the Academic Top Scholar award during the summer?

No. Only 100% of tuition and applicable fees will disburse in the summer.

9. Will the summer term be used to evaluate renewal?

No. Renewal will be based on grade and hours earned for the fall and spring terms.

10. Will UCF report grade and hours information for students funded in the summer term?

Yes. Grade and hours information will be reported for all students funded during the summer. If a student took transient hours, the grades and hours earned at the other institution must be reported to UCF by August 8, 2018 in order to be reported systematically. After this date, student would have to complete the Bright Futures Renewal Re-Evaluation Form in order for the hours and grades be reported to OSFA.

If a student has an opportunity to restore the Bright Futures award, the grades from the summer term may be used to meet restoration requirements. UCF will report these hours systematically and the student will not have to apply for restoration.

11. Will students still be required to repay summer dropped/withdrawn courses?

Yes. Repayment obligations remain the same regardless of the term funded.