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Disbursement of Financial Aid

(As this process takes place, you will see changes to anticipated aid, awards, and charges.  Once the process is finalized, you will be able to view your updated information.)

Timing of disbursements is contingent upon you meeting all conditions for receiving aid. Disbursement of financial aid begins the second week of the semester and continues each week thereafter. 

At the end of the Drop/Swap and Add period, awards are adjusted based on your enrollment. The week following, the disbursement process is initiated by moving your awards to your student account. You will be able to confirm your disbursement by checking your financial aid awards on myUCF.

Once funds are disbursed to the Office of Student Accounts, the disbursement record is posted on myUCF under View My Account on the Student Center. Charges appearing on your account will be deducted at that time. 

Any remaining financial aid will be processed as a refund with the exception of any PLUS Loan for Parents, which will be disbursed to the parent at their mailing address. If you have signed up for direct deposit, you should allow up to 4 business days for funds to show in your bank account. For refund checks that are being mailed, you should allow at least a week to receive your check at your current mailing address on myUCF.  For any questions regarding refunds, please contact Student Accounts:  (407) 823-2433.

Please note the following:

• Not all financial aid awards disburse at the same time in all cases.   
• If charges remain on your account after disbursements, or if subsequent charges are made to your account, it is your responsibility to make sure they are paid.
• To track the awards that have not disbursed, go to View Financial Aid on myUCF Student Self Service. 


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