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Federal Work Study Salary

Student Financial Aid (SFA) determines the salaries based on the job descriptions that departments submit.

Below are the updated Federal Work Study Salary Rates 
beginning the Spring 2015 term which starts on 1/02/15

$8.05 - Clerical Duties

$8.05 - Community Service - ON CAMPUS

$8.25 - Lab/Staff Assistant
$8.50 - Manual Labor
$8.50 - Tutoring
$9.00 - Computer Support
$9.00 - Research Assistant
$9.25 - Technical Support
$9.75 to $10.75 - Community Service - OFF CAMPUS ONLY
$11.75 - Graduate Student Assistants

Full-time enrollment may avoid FICA, FUTA, and all other appropriate taxes from being taken out of your paycheck if you qualify for exemption and write "Exempt" on your W-4 form next to the year (ask your employer for this form).

It is at the employer's discretion to give a $0.15 to $0.50 raise per year based on a Student Employment Evaluation.

Students may view their earnings statement and payroll information on the myUCF website. Once on the site, new workstudy students need to click on the employees button and follow the registration instructions to view payroll information.

When transferring from one FWS job to the next, your employer has the right to set your pay rate at the previous rate or at the starting salary for the new position (whether it is at a higher or lower rate of pay). Community Service salaries do not transfer to regular FWS jobs. For instance, if you make $10.00/hr as a Community Service Tutor, you will make $8.05/hr transferring to an on campus Lab/Staff Assistant position.


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