Fall 2017 – Help Videos

These short videos will provide assistance in understanding the financial aid process at UCF and give an overview of the fall 2017 semester. Follow along and learn how to achieve timely processing of your fall 2017 financial aid.

Help Video Topics

Attending Classes & Completing Academic Activity

Purchasing Books

Payment Deadline

Federal Loans (Accept – Reduce – Decline)


Disbursement of Financial Aid

Other Help Videos

Completing the FAFSA 1:33 min

Review the “To Do List” 0:59 sec

Bright Futures & FL Prepaid 1:50 min

Scholarship Checks 1:05 min

Transient Enrollment 1:12 min

Parent PLUS Loan 0:39 sec

Graduate PLUS Loan 0:25 sec

Optional / Alternative Loans 0:31 sec