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Summer 2019  -  9:00AM to 5:00PM daily
 Millican Hall, Room 107

Scholarship Donor Information

Thank you for providing scholarship assistance to a UCF student! Please complete the Private Scholarship Payment Submission Form and send it along with each scholarship check to the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Private donor correspondence (including checks) should be mailed to:

University of Central Florida
Office of Student Financial Assistance
4000 Central Florida Blvd.
Millican Hall, Room 107
Orlando, FL 32816-0113

Some donors require additional documentation, such as transcripts, verification of enrollment, fee invoices, etc. before sending a scholarship check to UCF. Below, please find information of how these items can be obtained:

If an official UCF transcript is required:
Official transcripts must be provided to you by the student, not the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Students may obtain transcripts at the University Registrar.

If verification of enrollment or a fee invoice is required:
We recommend the student prints and sends you their online fee invoice to verify their hours of enrollment, costs, etc. It can be found on their myUCF Student Center.

If you have your own verification of enrollment form to be completed by UCF:
The student will have to submit the form to the Registrar’s Office in person, along with an Enrollment Certification Exception form that is available at the Registrar’s Office.

If you have your own financial aid verification form to be completed by a financial aid officer:
Please send the form to the attention of “Private Scholarship Coordinator” at the address shown on the Private Scholarship Payment Submission Form or by fax at (407) 823-5241.
Please Note: Requests for financial aid verification must be accompanied by a signed consent from the student.

If the scholarship recipient is a student-athlete:
To help ensure that UCF adheres to NCAA regulations, please complete the section entitled Scholarship Selection Criteria found on the Private Scholarship Payment Submission Form. You or your organization may be contacted by the Office of Student Financial Assistance or Athletics Compliance Office for additional information.

If you require a signed W-9 from UCF: The form can be downloaded from the F&A website:
Click on Vendors Payable – then you will see the form – Signed W-9 Form with UCF as a Vendor